Life as a teenager

You wake up. Every day, wanting to be better. Wanting to be someone you're not. Every day you have a new goal. Some being more realistic than others, they all happen to be a stretch. What's the down side to having all these goals? They simply aren't you. You would be fine, weighing 160 pounds instead of 140 and to have that pimple on your forehead but society is a mean and nasty place. No body can be happy with who they are and what they've got. Jealousy plays a huge role in the teenage years. If you don't have a "thigh gap" you're considered fat. If you don't get straight A's "you're an idiot".
 Constantly trying to live up to the movies.  Trying to find a dreamy guy with the best body, dreamy face, most sincere personality and vice versa. Simply living life the wrong way. 

Social media is a huge factor. Don't get me wrong, I'm a teenager and I know how annoying it is listening to parents talking about "how social media never used to be like this" and "how they never had a phone until university" however they do have a point. The average teen goes to bed at night with there phone and look at all there accounts such as facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, etc. While there at it they see girls posts in bikinis or with friends. Here is when the jealously factor comes into great use. Thoughts like "why can't I look like this?" and "how is this far" come to mind. As you continue scrolling you see a picture with all your friends but you and thoughts such as "why wasn't I invited" and "do they even like me" come into play. All bad things escalate and way more stress is added after simply checking your Instagram feed. 
Now you set goals (unrealistic goals). After seeing posts of girls in bikinis you think "well maybe if I workout every day for the next 2 weeks and don't eat, I can have a body like that". Surely this is the worst possible thing to do. Most unhealthy & absolute worst way to achieve any goal. However in the heat of the moment it is the smartest goal ever! After a day or two you realize it isn't going to be possible to not eat, so you start slowly adding food back into your diet, and slowly it gets back to your regular life style.
You're mind spins. Around and around. Not knowing where to turn, not quite sure who you are yet. If you have a higher voice then your average male teen you're automatically "gay", if you wear short shorts you're "a slut". Words like these get passed around as if it's the word "hey". Society makes you believe you're someone you aren't and question every single one of your moves. 

Too short, too tall, flat, too skinny, too fat, too veiny, too short hair, way too long hair, to many piercings, boobs that are too big, too many pimples, too many freckles, too hairy, bad teeth, too much makeup, caked, ugly clothes, out of shape, bad at sports, fag. Here is just a taste of some of the things teens say to put there peers down. 

Imagine, a world. Without ANYONE judging. Everyone could do there own thing with something they are passionate about, without being judged. You could wear whatever you wanted, you could participate in your choice of hobby, you could eat however you wanted. You could have confidence every where you went and you could be certain you would hear nothing but positive thoughts coming your way. Being "ugly" wasn't such a thing instead everyone was just simply "pretty in there own way". 

Now un imagine that. Come back to reality. You can't even walk outside your front door without being judged, you can't even make a post without being judged. Being a teenager is incredibly hard to say the least, and for some impossible. Wake up and realize there is more to life than hating. There is only so many years in life, why waste it trying to bring someone else down? Hate a little less, live a little more and it's amazing how far that will take you.

Too many lives are being ended way too soon. A huge factor is due to the little things said that maybe you are apart of without even realizing. Don't go along with something you aren't comfortable of. If you see some rude comments on someone's picture, SAY SOMETHING! Don't just sit behind your screen and read something that you're going to pretend never happened. Comments are HURTFUL. Some even end lives. Help someone, be there friend, reach out and for all you know... maybe you could be the person who saved there life.

Be you. Own who you are. "If you ever feel worthless, just know there are billions of cells in your body who all give a dame about you." Don't ever give up. Surround yourself with people who make you feel happy and that you're conformable  around. You can do this. I believe in you. Own who you are. You can get through this. Life moves fast, blink for a second and you could miss it.

Shine bright! 

Cassie King