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Life as a teenager

You wake up. Every day, wanting to be better. Wanting to be someone you're not. Every day you have a new goal. Some being more realistic than others, they all happen to be a stretch. What's the down side to having all these goals? They simply aren't you. You would be fine, weighing 160 pounds instead of 140 and to have that pimple on your forehead but society is a mean and nasty place. No body can be happy with who they are and what they've got. Jealousy plays a huge role in the teenage years. If you don't have a "thigh gap" you're considered fat. If you don't get straight A's "you're an idiot".  Constantly trying to live up to the movies.  Trying to find a dreamy guy with the best body, dreamy face, most sincere personality and vice versa. Simply living life the wrong way. 
Social media is a huge factor. Don't get me wrong, I'm a teenager and I know how annoying it is listening to parents talking about "how social …